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This card design is only for the invite, you will be able to customize your book cover when you order the book.


Gift recipient

Want to invite multiple storytellers? Each purchase covers one storyteller, so you’ll have to invite them one at a time. However, you’ll have the option to combine their stories in one book if you prefer (as long as the total page count stays under 480 pages).

Options – 10%% off!


Price: 9900
Discount: $10 off (promo code hR8XucBp applied)

By default you’ll receive your gift recipient’s stories and be able to select their questions. If you’d prefer not to have access to their stories, you can remove yourself from their account once you’ve purchased the gift.

Note that audio transcription is not included as the cost depends on the length of the stories, but it can be purchased as an extra service. More info.

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