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A new way to bring the family together

Get weekly stories from your loved ones.

Get weekly stories from your loved ones.

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Connect with your family

“StoryWorth is a great way to stay in touch with my sons. It helps to bridge our geographic distance by providing lively discussion topics.”

Nancy | Springfield PA

Learn about your relatives

“StoryWorth elicits entertaining, surprising and sometimes moving responses. There are so many stories to tell!”

Patricia | Sacramento CA

Preserve your memories

“Answering the StoryWorth questions is a delightful experience. I’m passing on treasures to my children and their future families.”

Trisha | Rochester NY

How StoryWorth Works

1. Invite a family member

Suppose you’d like to get closer to your mom and hear her stories. Sign up, then invite her to be a storyteller through the site or the app. You can also tell your own stories.

2. Select questions for them to answer

StoryWorth has story prompts for you to choose from, with questions you’ve never thought to ask. Select the ones you like, or write your own.

3. Get weekly stories in your inbox

Every week, your mom will be emailed one of the questions you’ve selected. She can answer it with a story through email — including pictures — or by leaving us a voice message.

4. Share them privately with family

Choose as many relatives you’d like to receive your mom’s stories. Now you have a private record of family memories, which you can keep on the StoryWorth site or get printed as a book.

Ready to start collecting your family stories?

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