WhereBerry is now StoryWorth

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in WhereBerry.

I started WhereBerry in 2011 to collect all the fun things I wanted to do in my city. Like many entrepreneurs, I was building something I wanted for myself. However, I came to realize there just weren't enough people who had the same problem.

I wanted to work on something meaningful.

My Dad was born in 1930, so he has a lot of great stories. Like the one about the first TV in his neighborhood. Or how they used to cross the Atlantic on boats rather than planes. Not to mention the great pranks he pulled in college, and his international adventures as a lawyer.

I built StoryWorth to make it really easy for my Dad to record these stories, so I can someday share them with my children and grandchildren.

I know your family has many great stories too, and I hope that StoryWorth can help you record them.


Nick Baum

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