Our questions

We have several hundred questions you can choose from, and you can also write your own. Below are some of the questions from our library, simply refresh the page to see more!

  1. Did you have a job while you were in high school?
  2. What are your favorite musicians, bands or albums?
  3. Were you able to keep in touch with your family while you were serving in the military?
  4. Do you believe that people can change? Why or why not?
  5. What were you like when you were 30?
  6. What is the longest project you have ever worked on?
  7. At what times in your life were you the happiest, and why?
  8. What was one of the most difficult times in your relationships? How did you get through it?
  9. Did you have a favorite planet as a child?
  10. Tell me about a fun school field trip you had as a kid.
  11. What was your Mom like when you were a child?
  12. Outside of class, what were you involved with in college?
  13. If you could do it over, would you join the military?
  14. What is one of the most expensive things that you've ever bought?
  15. Have you kept in touch with any of your friends from the military?
  16. Did you have any nicknames as a child? How did you feel about them?
  17. As a child, were you closer to your father or your mother? How about now?
  18. Have you ever missed a flight?
  19. Who are the funniest people in your family?
  20. What was your dream car?

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