Our questions

We have several hundred questions you can choose from, and you can also write your own. Below are some of the questions from our library, simply refresh the page to see more!

  1. How is life different today compared to when you were a child?
  2. Did you consider any other careers? How did you choose?
  3. How do you get your news? What news interests you?
  4. Which people have been the kindest to you in life?
  5. What qualities do you most value in your friends?
  6. What was your proposal like?
  7. Have you ever given up anything for Lent? What was it, and was it difficult?
  8. What was it like learning to drive?
  9. What's a gift you always wished someone would give you?
  10. What's something you really disagreed with your parents about?
  11. Did you consider any other majors in college?
  12. Have you ever had to make a tough moral decision? How did it turn out?
  13. What about being a child do you miss the most?
  14. How did you experience Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon?
  15. Do you have any notable ancestors?
  16. Who has been one of the most important people in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?
  17. What are the top 5 things that you and your spouse have in common?
  18. Would you prefer to have an adventure, or read about one?
  19. Were you ever teased about anything as a child?
  20. Tell me about a time you volunteered for something that nobody else wanted to do.

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