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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a subscription?

A subscription includes a year’s worth of story prompts for 1 storyteller, unlimited recipients (people with whom the storyteller’s stories are shared), and 1 hardcover book.

Can I purchase extra books?

Absolutely! The pricing for additional copies of your book is as follows:

  • $39: Black and white interior, up to 480 pages
  • $79: Color books, up to 300 pages
  • $99: Color books above 300 pages, up to 480 pages

Can I choose the questions?

You can choose your storyteller’s questions from our library, edit our questions, or even write your own, so you have full flexibility with the topics your storyteller can write about.

If you’d prefer not to choose questions, your storyteller will receive questions randomly from our library by default.

Can I change my weekly question?

Of course! Each question email contains a link to change your question if you’re not inspired by that week’s topic. Just click that link, and you’ll be taken to our question library, where you can choose a new question or write your own.

Can my family’s stories be printed in the same book?

Absolutely. Each subscription covers 1 storyteller and 1 book, but if you purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple storytellers, you can include all their stories in the same book if you like. (You’d then receive multiple copies of that book for your family to save.)

How does the audio option work?

Each weekly question email contains a link to record your story over the phone. Once you click that link, our system will call the phone number saved in your profile - you can then just pick up the phone and tell your story, and the audio file will be saved to your account.

Do you offer transcription?

We do offer transcription for an extra fee, and our transcriptions are handled by real humans for highest accuracy. You can find pricing and full information here:


What happens if I miss a question?

You have as much time to reply to a story prompt as you would like, and can catch up at any time. All questions sent to you will be saved to your account at www.storyworth.com. You can even go back and respond to old questions after your year’s subscription has expired.

How do I submit my story?

Just hit "Reply" to the question email, and compose your story in the new email. When you're done, just send the email, and your story will be posted to your account. Note: Please do not send your story as a Word file or PDF, as our system is unable to read those attachments.

Is there a word limit to my stories?

In a word, nope! Please write as much or as little as you’d like. Although the page limit for the books is 480 pages, it’s always better to have longer stories that you can edit rather than shorter ones!

Can I edit or add on to my stories?

You can edit a story at any time by following these steps

  1. Go to your account at www.storyworth.com/home
  2. Click on the story you want to edit from your Table of Contents
  3. You’ll see links to edit your story in the right column (and don't forget to hit "Save")

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